In a fascinating partnership between heart and mind, humans have long perceived something of their own mystical nature in imaginatively created figures. Combining woven cloth, felted wool, carved wood and a variety of textile skills, my work is yet one more tangent in this engaging exploration.

Companions to the figures are my birds...both flying and firmly grounded. Some are 3D and sculptural, while others are designed to be worn. All are decked out in the vibrant colors of my imagination, meticulously crafted, and fondly released to fly.

Objects gain life through stories that inflate them with, early on, I wrote a Creation Myth for this conjured world of my Birds and their People that tells of old and lasting bonds between heaven and earth, between the wild natural world and the pursuits of humans. It reminds us that life is best experienced in relationships---varied, intense, beautiful, and sometimes magical.

Alice Watterson - Flying High Studio