Making: the process of forming, causing, or coming into being

Alice Watterson  Flying High Studio

I call myself a Maker.
Let loose first by paper and crayons, I've always drawn, built things, and written stories to describe the world I feel more than the world I see. Weaving cloth and making artwear was my initial foray into the luscious world of textiles. After several years of exhibiting and mentoring in that category, my attention shifted from the garment to the persona inside the garment. And that's the thread I've pursued...from persona to figures to a clan of People descended from a race of giant birds. Telling their stories begins with an expansive Creation Myth, followed by tales of luck and survival and more.
Side ventures grew from the stories. Since birds are fundamental to the Myth, they had to materialize...and I make lots of them! Some people have acquired whole flocks. I refer to the lot of them as "Birds and Their People."

All my available work is on the site with prices, and will be kept up to date once a week. A few SOLD pieces are also lingering and may be specially ordered with possible variations.

Please contact me with questions and for detail images, shipping charges, and methods of payment. Invoices are sent via Square.
I'm here to help!

All stories and high fallutin' tales are copyrighted and belong to me, Alice Watterson. Enjoy the world they conjure.